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NRI has cast a spell in Guntur, Vijayawada, Vizag, Hyderabad, Vizianagaram, Eluru, Tirupathi with a commitment for providing the world class education. In the midst of the so called Public & Global Schools, the Academy promises to stand apart with its highly skilled teachers, latest innovative teaching techniques and plush amenities. Give the NRI Advantage to your child…

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At NRI Academy, you would be constantly bumping into, interacting with and learning from students and faculty from every part of the state and beyond..

NRI Academy is an institute established under “NRI Educational Society”. It is founded by the likeminded inspired group of NRI doctors and scholars, who dreamed to see their country as the best in the world. After a scientific study to make valuable strides towards that dream, there emerged a need for the finest educational institution which can blossom the young minds of the nation. Hence in that pursuit “NRI Educational Society” has made a great beginning. Under its flagship “Indian Springs School” and creation of “Society for Rural Scholars” are working through which thousands of underprivileged meritorious students are pursuing their education with scholarship provided by SFRS.

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As a saying goes “A Nation builds itself in the four walls of a class room and a teacher guides the future of a nation”, we have taken utmost care and concern in recruiting right faculty for NRI Academy. NRI Academy is an institution devised on the basis of combining of ethos and modernity. The right faculty has made it an example of excellence. They are also the assets of NRI Academy.
“Outstanding” is what our students consistently rate our highly qualified faculties for their teaching, coaching and mentoring skills. At NRI academy, our teachers are passionate about education and are committed to continually improving the teaching methodologies. NRI Academy’s faculty has strong academic and scholarly credentials, and great teaching skills.

Class room activities add that extra mile required for making each student involve in the class and learn more with smart tips. The able guidance of lecturers gives students a chance to learn most of the concepts with in the class and thus ensure success.

NRI Academy

We are proud of our world class teachers and classrooms. We believe that an investment in the environment in which your child will study is the best way to create a path for their success.

The NRI Academy has created specially conceived programmes apart from our regular curricula for the AIIMS, AFMC, JIPMER, CMC and EAMCET / NEET exams. To target the Best Results in NRI Medi Scholars' programme (AC / IC / Non IC Batch) was designed by aligning the syllabi of two years of Intermediate course and all National Level Entrance tests.

The NRI Academy has established ultra-modern scientific labs for subjects such as Botany, Zoology, Physics and Chemistry. All of the necessary support and infrastructure are provided in all labs in order to encourage research and innovation among the student community of the NRI Academy.

Special training is also provided for the students of BITSAT, AIEEE, VIT-EEE through the Live mode of Mock Online exams.

NRI Academy hostels of boys and girls are replica's of homes. We believe that, our hostels are characterized by the deep concern on utmost care with regular doctor check-ups, well-being and safety of our students. Our chefs prepare tasty and nutritious food across a variety of different cuisines. We maintain complete security on the campus.

Welcome !

Welcome to NRI Academy. We hope you will enjoy your stay in the College. This section will help you find out some fast facts and figures about the institution, information on getting around the campus, the range of accommodation available and also some useful information on NRI Academy. Happy exploring!


NRI Academy

All the campuses of NRI are located at easy accessible points of the towns, which enable students to catch the plenty of RTC buses apart from college bus to reach the respective colleges.

NRI Academy provides facilities of transportation from different parts of the Guntur, Hyderabad, Vizag, Vijayawada, Tirupathi, Eluru, and Vijayanagaram towns to its various campuses. The remaining students have to take care of their transportation.

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Chairman Speaks

Each of you has many talents – some are known to you but others are yet to be uncovered and nurtured. to help you become the best that you can be...
Dr.Alapati Ravindra

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NRI Academy Students achieved Record Breaking State Ist Marks in 2013 Jr Inter MPC.

Congratulations to NRI Academy Students & Staff, family members celebrate JR-IPE 2013 MPC & BIPC, MEC Stream with record breaking results in the State 1st Marks in MPC : 467/470,465,464,463,462,461..many more, in BiPC State 2nd : 434,433,432,431,430.. many more., in MEC State 2nd : 490,487,486,485.. and more.,

NRI Academy Students achieved Record Breaking State Ist Marks in 2013 Sr Inter MPC, BiPC and MEC

Congratulations to NRI Academy Students & Staff, family members celebrate SR-IPE 2013 MPC & BIPC, MEC Stream with record breaking results in the State 1st Marks in MPC : 987/1000, 986 for 4 students and 72 students got above 980 and many more, in BiPC : 987/1000, 986, 985 for 4 students, above 980 for more than 40 students. and many more., in MEC : 969/1000, 950 for more than 30 students and many more.,

NRI Academy Students achieved Best Ranks in EAMCET - 2013 ENGG. & MEDICAL Streams with State ranks

NRI Academy Students achieved Best Ranks in EAMCET - 2013 ENGG. & MEDICAL Streams with State ranks 73, 171, 187, 190.,etc.. many more ranks with Total of 340 Medical seat getting ranks & 12,234 Engg. Seat getting ranks , Inter mediate & Long term Admission are in progress....contact nearest NRI Academy Branch.

NRI Academy Created a Sensational Record in IIT-JEE 2013

NRI Academy Students achieved Best Ranks in IIT-JEE - 2013 Streams with State ranks with marks 295/360, 287, 274, 270, 266, 264, 258, 253, 250.and more than 1330 students got Qualified and many more

NRI Academy's State Top Marks Achievers in Jr Inter 2012 Results

NRI Academy's Jr Inter students Achieved state best marks in MPC: 465/470, 464(7) and 463(8) ...many more.. , BIpc : 435/440,434, 432(7), 430(8)..many more..
MEC : 483/500 ,481,479.. and many more..

NRI Academy's State Top Marks Achievers in Sr Inter 2012 Results

NRI Academy's Sr Inter students Achieved state best marks in MPC : 989/1000, 986 and 984 .. ,and BIpc :983/1000...in MEC : 966/1000... many more..,

NRI Academy Students Receive the State Best Marks in AMRUTHA-2012

Our Students Bagged Best Ranks in AMRUTHA-2012 Entrance Exam. 89th Rank,156th, 282nd, 329th, 707,798,901,988,1044...Many more Ranks.

NRI Academy Created a Sensational Record in IIT-JEE 2012

NRI Academy created a sensational record in IIT-JEE 2012 by acheiving All India 735th Rank and as well as 58th , 104th , 184th , 248th , 318th , 325th and many more.

NRI Academy AIEEE-2011 Toppers

Our Students have Achieved 6th, 9th, 17th, 17th, 25th, 33rd, 37th, 44th, 49th, 59th, 68th(2), 90th...,many more Ranks in All Categories of The AIEEE 2011 Entrance Exam.

NRI Academy ISAT/ BIT SAT/ AFMC/ MANIPAL 2011 Toppers

Our Students have Secured 390, 312, 308, 303, 250 Marks and,...,many more Nearer Marks in BIT SAT 2011. Our Students also Secured 202/240, 198, 190, 183, 175 Marks at MAHE 2011.


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